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In response to The Daily Post’s weekly photo challenge: “Monochromatic.”


I love this picture, I took it in our local aquarium.  It’s a small sea life centre at Loch Lomond Shores and I’ve been going since we moved out this way over seven years ago!  My son had just turned one and we would go in and sit under the big glass wall where the trout were kept!  The light and shadows, the movement of the fish would help him fall asleep and I would head up to the cafe for a hot chocolate and an amazing view to chill for a while!  Of course going almost everyday would be uber extortionate, so I would get the yearly pass!

Once he started nursery he got his own pass too and we’d head up once he got out!  I was pretty pregnant at this point, so the bus rides were a joy!  Then once his sister was born, we’d head up and he could play in the cafe soft play, while I got got some essential coffee and she would sleep!

She has grown to love going there as much as we do..  Once Darwyn started school and she was in nursery, we would jump on the bus soon as she got out and head up for lunch, a play and to see the fishes!

Now Rowan has started school and we are only able to go up at weekends now, but we still love it and try to get through as we can!  It’s such a great part of their early childhood and played an important role in their introduction to learning… They both learnt to count with the fishes, memorising facts about the different species and the ability to keep spending within a budget  and the meaning of the word NO (the gift shop was conveniently on the way out!)

I only hope we can still have a few more years before we hit the mums not cool to hang with stage…


Enjoy the Silence.

Enjoy the silence

I love this shot! It’s just so beautiful & eerie at the same time! I wish I could take pictures as well as this.. Alas I am just a poor novice!

I do love photography though, I tend to hijack the Daddy cameras, as they’re awesome! It’s what he does, a fully fledged cameraman & editor.. The upside of this is that he is a great teacher, the downside is his first comments are usually critical.. Too much light, too dark.. Wrong settings… Framing off!! Etc etc!! I know he means it as constructive, but it would be nice if just once he would give a compliment without a downside!!

I do have loads of lucky shots as I call them… Nature has been on my side & helped me out, I also tend to get great ones of the kids.. I love catching their little moments of lone-ness.. Those moments when they think they’re all alone. They make the best pictures for me! In fact that’s what I love doing at gatherings. I prefer being the one behind the camera, catching those little moments!!

I keep meaning to learn more about the camera & how to take better shots. I will eventually get round to it, but I think I’ll get the hang of the sewing machine first & a few more crochet stitches under my belt, before moving onto something else!!
To be honest, I’m quite happy with my slightly wonky, fuzzy pics… With all the time the daddy takes getting everything perfect, he’s missed so many great shots!! I have hundreds of great pics of funny faces, action poses & tender moments!! I’m sure they’d look better as perfect shots, but I love them all as imperfect as they are!!