Aboot the Fluffmum…

Ahhh, another about me page!!!

I’m a mum to two absolute lunatics and engaged to a pretty awesome fella, but an utter pain in the arse! 😘 ….

Eh, I like to crochet and randomly delve into the world of sewing machines…

I love gaming & reading, could loose myself for hours if its a good one!! Anything which involves fantasy, science fiction, horror.. Japanese & Korean movies are my visual Jaffa Cakes…

I will cut off the hand of anyone who attempts to steal my chocolate raisins… I love rum & like to pretend I’m a pirate when drinking it on my own… Hell, even with company in a crowded bar!

I like violent things, sexy things, down right dirty things!! Music will tell you how I’m feeling… I live in hope that one day I will levitate out of my chair & constantly think that this time when I look up into the bathroom mirror, something will be behind me!!

I will fight for no ideals or country… I will kill for my family & friends!! I am not the best at showing my feeling or expressing myself at all!! Except when I write… I’m not a great writer by any standards, but through it I can speak more confidently & clearly than with my mouth!!
And all that Jazz………..


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