Get right back on…

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We got our youngest a new bike.  Lovely little purple thing with flowers on it…  Her kind of thing, found a bell we’d bought ages ago of a little ladybird and plan on decking it out with handlebar streamers & a wee basket at the front.  Also discovered she’s finally grown and her old toddler helmet is finally too wee for her!  So that’s on the list too..

She didn’t go on her old bike very much as she had an incident when she was just starting off and ran over the cats tail.  The cat promptly went full honey badger and did some crazy back bending to bite the wheel!  Like right through it to the inner, that was a job to patch up!  This bumped her confidence a lot and she was too scared to go on it for a while afterwards.

So fast forward to yesterday…. Got it all made up for her the night before, stabilisers on, height ready!  We decide to take it out for a ride.  Started heading to the station, the plan was a wee ride to start her off.

(Turns out the stabilisers were on the wrong place and kept knocking out of position if she hit a bump or kerb.  She was not deterred though & I had a wee multi-tool with me to keep tightening it up when needed.)

We get to the station, to discover the train had been cancelled due to signal faults and being the 2nd last station on line and a Sunday.  I didn’t hold out much hope for a train coming soon.

Soooo, change of plan…  We were both pretty peckish, so decide to ride to the wee cafe we like in the Vale to get some brekkie/lunch!  We don’t do brunch, that’s fer flouncy folk.  Anyway, she ride the whole way there.. I’m super impressed by this, since it is really her first time on a bike doing all the work herself and managing to turn the pedals, which with her tiny legs was a bit of a problem on the old bike!

She gets her roll & sausage and manages her toast too, which is a feat in itself due to her minuscule stomach.  Then we decide to keep going, all the way to the park.  She does it too, then round the park and a jump around play too…

By now it’s almost time for dinner, so we head off up the road towards Balloch!  Trying to decide between McDonalds or the Queen for our nosh…  McD’s looks mobbed and full of people, which sends us onwards to the Queen of the Loch, for some well cooked proper food!

We meet some friends, she has another run about in the outdoor play area and then…. Then the littlest tyke continues to ride her bike back down to the station to get the train (which are running again) back to the Vale, where Daddy picks us up and gives the wee one a lift home!!

She is now an avid cyclist!  I’m so proud of the wee yin, especially since her stabiliser kept giving out on her and she would loose her balance.  She fell once, which did happen to be while we were crossing the road at some lights!  But no one beeped, they waited patiently till I got her up and moved to the pavement.  She was a wee bit upset, but she got right back on!

A whole day cycling on her first go!! Three mile trip…

I’m uber impressed with the wee sod.



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