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I discovered this evening that a friend of mine passed away today!  We weren’t buxom buddies, saw each other rarely in group settings!  She was a friend of friends & though they always made me feel welcome & part of the group I alway felt I was floating about the edges!  Not really one of them, but that was never their intention or doing!  I had kids and moved away from the area, my social ability is pretty non-existent!  They are all so close, have such strong bonds with each other, care for each other so deeply, I can only imagine how they must be feeling…  I loved to just sit and watch them interact, the comfortable way in which they would just have fun!  I envied their ability to express themselves, the strength inside each and everyone of them.  Most especially her, she was crazy, but absolutely amazing!  I don’t say that on a nostalgic speak well of the dead kinda way.  She really was & the life she had, though woefully short was full!  She wasted none of it…

I don’t understand why it hurts so much.  I don’t cry, yet I haven’t been able to stop!  There is this lump and it won’t go away!  Do I even have a right to feel like this?  Whenever we did see each other, we always had a laugh, got on well…  But, we were not considered close!  I don’t understand what I should do, why am I crying?



Sorry my arse!

Daily Post: Apology!


It’s not a very forthcoming word is it?  Sorry…

Unless someone bumps into you on the street and you say sorry for some bizarre reason, then it comes out all on its own, no problem at all!

Why is it so hard to say for some people.  Obviously no one likes to admit they were wrong, for some they simply don’t care!  Then there are the people who just apologise all the time, even when they have done nothing wrong!!  I don’t get that either…

Myself, I’m a sorry if I’m caught out kinda girl!  Though sometimes I have been known to do it without provocation!  I don’t hear it very often though!

Personally towards me, I don’t recall it ever being a common word!  No one ever apologised for my childhood being the way it was.  According to my mother, that’s just the way it was back then!!!  🤕

I’ve been assaulted mentally, physically and sexually, yet never heard a sorry about that either…  I must have done something to provoke it!  🙄

Never hear an apology about hurtful comments, I’m just being overly sensitive…. Though how can that be, when previously I was being called insensitive.  🤔

Now to be honest, apart from teaching my children manners, I don’t really care about apologies!  It’s an empty word to me, one pulled out to appease a situation, to make one person feel better about being a dick & the other think everything is really okay!

So I don’t need apologies, I’ve done very well in my life without them!  So if anyone from my past shows up feeling some modicum of guilt, then they can take that pish poor sorry and ram it right up ’em….