Pwetty pwincess…

Am taking my sewing up a notch and attempting a dress for the midge! Not just any dress, a full on princess, girly one!! Though how girly has yet to be decided! It basically comes down to how well I managed to handle the tulle..

I got this so far…


I’m basically just winging it… Cutting & pinning when (what I hope is) logic tells me too! That’s just the basic bodice, sleeves & plain underskirt! Tomorrow I hope to sew those parts together, make decent hems & edges, then turn it right way out & not have it fall apart… If that all goes to plan, I’ll move onto the trimmings…

It may not be the most organised way of doing it, but at least I took measurements & am working from a pattern of sorts… Wanna see it…?


Snazzy huh…!!

I hope I don’t screw it up, cause she’s really looking forward to wearing it for a Halloween party!!

Plus I got loads of crochet stuff to get done too! Walking round Asda last night and I got orders for the Princess Hats! Couple things to do for a raffle, but hopefully, if i I get this dress done by Friday, Saturday at latest, I can concentrate on crochet all next week before the party on the the 2nd…

Busy busy busy!!!


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