On Repeat..

Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

There are a couple books I can read again and again!! The oldest one is


I don’t really know why I love this one so much! I’m not remotely religious, in fact I go out of my way to avoid it at all costs!! Except religious art and architecture!! I love that, but mainly I love the style rather than the subject matter!!

So why have I read this book so much that it literally falling to pieces!! The cover is attached by a tiny thread, the pages are wrinkled and discoloured, stains of most likely coffee, but bugger if I know what the others are!! There are notes in the margins, from when I used it for my RPR in school! Tiny little red scrawls in my midget handwriting, which I can’t even make out anymore or remember what they were, but seemed so very important back then! Insights into how my mind worked back in the day!!

I think I like the idea that the devil wasn’t the bad guy! I don’t believe in the devil or god or any of the Christian mythology, let me point that out!! To me, religion is just that, mythology!! A way of explaining a life when no apparent answers are available!! Modern religion is no different to the ancient thinking of thunder being the gods fighting in the heavens! Now, before anyone takes offence, I don’t think I’m right either! It’s just my take on things. In the past I was what you would call a pagan… Not Wiccan, eck, noooo!! Too nampy pampby for me… Which is also why I never got into Buddhism… I’m a fighter, not a lover!! It was how I looked at things then, now it’s a little more complicated…. I’m a cross between pagan and egnostic….. … Egnogan!! Sounds like a winter drink gone postal!!


But, I digress.. Back to the matter in hand! Job, I think it’s a great story..I like how it makes me ponder, yes.. ponder the characters dilemmas… I love the characters themselves, Alec, Margrethe, the little imp who played the part of satans daughter! I really liked her…

To be honest, I haven’t read Job in at least 5 years. It’s still packed away with most of my books, since I have nowhere safe to put them here!! And now I’m older, I may not enjoy it as much as I did before! As a child and teen, the sexism and slightly racist narrative went over my head, I just enjoyed the story! I read it in my twenties and noticed it, but put it down to the time it was written! I’m not sure I could make those excuses now!! I still love the story and remember it fondly, but if I’m honest, perhaps it’s one which should stay a happy memory!!


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