Me, Myself & I…

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?


Is this a multiple cloning or just the one? Also would it be a complete clone or just a facet of my personality!! So many variables to play with on this one…. Would all knowledge and experience be uploaded onto the main source; me!! Is there a shelf life? Do clones have an expiry date..?

Lets go with the idea that it’s multiple, short loan clones with the ability to upload what they’ve done as if you’d been doing it yourself!!

I would certainly have one clone do all the cleaning, another could get a job and earn me some money, while another would do all my socialising and one more for all the protesting & political pitchfork raising I’d love to do…. Of course another for doing some education, going to uni.. The only responsibility I wouldn’t delegate would be my kids, gaming and crochet!! I enjoy them way too much!! Though if all the other jobs were getting done, then I’d have copious amounts of time to devote just to them!! Now that would be the life!! Of course, some socialising I wouldn’t delegate!! Some people are worth the real me… Most the dodgy pirate copy… Hang on… That is the real me… Arrrrrrr!!!

I’m actually for cloning, I think it could solve a lot of problems.. It could most definitely cause a few too! Like GM crops and Gene slicing, these things hold amazing opportunities for humanity, but I can’t trust those holding the reigns just now!! Take the money and power out of the equation, make it for the good of the people, rather than a price tag…


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