Don’t think….

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I’m a sudden decision kinda woman… Especially the big ones!! I always go by what I feel, rather than the logical process of reasoning!!

When the Mr & I started talking about having kids, I decided there and then to go get my implant out & start trying!! We did do some reasoning, as in the ‘can we afford to’ & ‘ready yet’ themes… But ultimately, what started out as a

When do you think we should start a family

conversation ended in me making an appointment with the clinic the next day!!

Same with when I went back to college.. Out my face at a party, I got talking to a guy who worked with computers. I’ve always been into them, but he got me hooked!! I applied to do an NQ in Computing & Programming once I straightened up to fill the form out properly… Got on it & went on to do my HNC.. I would’ve done the HND, but my usual fluffmind took over and I decided I wanted to try something else!!

Mr thought I was mental, but he’s got use to it now… All my decisions and choices are last minute, random, fly by the seat of my pants…. If I try to sit and plan things out or look into things to much I can talk myself out of it..

So the truth is, if I want to do anything… I fly in on a hopefully lucky bullet!!


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