Cracked Reflections..

Imperfections — in things, in people, in places — add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.


There is no such thing as perfect, it is an impossible ideal! A fairy tale of attainment!! People strive for the perfect life, groom themselves to look perfect, create the perfect home, mould the perfect children!! Bullshit in my opinion…

To work towards perfection is in itself imperfect….. In fact for me, imperfect is perfection!

My messy house means another day of managing my OCD, another day of successfully working towards healing my mind!
My sticky, scruffy children who talk back and ask countless annoying questions! They are sticky from having fun, scruffy from being left to explore their surroundings rather than made to sit quietly out the way! They talk back from the desire to speak up for themselves, to speak their mind and defend themselves or others! What could be more perfect than those constant questions and repeating “why’s”? It’s a sign of intelligence, a desire to learn, to discover!! They should all be encouraged, even the “why do boys have wangles?” in the middle of restaurants… Or “where are that mans legs?” which I always reply, why don’t you ask them.. Curiosity is natural, it shouldn’t be shushed…. Ever!!
As for looking perfect, lets face it… It’s an unattainable feat for me… I am scruffy, I try to look smart and it just doesn’t work!! There is nothing perfect about my appearance, I’m overweight, short, no style at all, wonky teeth ruined from a well spent twenties full of booze and drugs!! Yet, I have a man who loves me, scruff and all!!
I make it sound like I’m an extra from Shameless there, I’m really not that bad… More frumpy than schemie!!
As for wanting a perfect life, I believe I have it, a man who loves me.. Bright, healthy children.. A roof over my head… Good friends I can count on.. A family who will help me… What could be better than that??

Though that doesn’t really answer the question at hand!! An imperfection I cherish!!

Life, I cherish life… With all the ugliness and danger, evil and nastiness it contains… Because in amongst these imperfections of character…. true kindness, love, beauty and fluffiness shines through!!!


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