In for a penny!!


A Blogger I follow Rarasaur has started doing prompts & this is a great one… I like the idea of prompts, otherwise I would just ramble on about nothing in particular….

True Cost is a term for the often-overlooked, comprehensive expense of something, including the time-related and emotional costs.

Well what else could I pick, than the products which will have continuous & mega true costs for a whole 18 years and likely longer!!


Meet the Spawn and Midge… He’ll be six in May and she’s three in October!! A right pair of lunatics you’ll ever meet!! Of course the Mr and I are totally responsible, we subscribe to the ‘Be Who You Are Without Restrictions’ school of thought…. As in answer back, stick up for yourself, be comfortable with who you are!! We’re training future rebels, not robots!!

To the matter in hand though… The True Cost!!
You always know that having sprogs is gonna be expensive! It’s drilled into you from the time you were one yourself!!

“No, it’s too expensive!”

“We can’t afford to do that!”

Or the penultimate…

“Do you think money grows on trees?”

As the eldest of five, I was already adamant I wasn’t having more than two…. I had to grow up too young, I want my children to know about the world & how hard it is, I don’t want them to live it… So we waited until the Mr was getting ahead in his business enough so I wouldn’t need to work and could stay home with them! He’s the career man, not me… So it made sense for me to be the stay at home!! If I was making more money or had the better job, then it would’ve been the other way round…
As it is, the set up is perfect. He brings in more than enough, so we are lucky enough to live comfortably.. Though being self-employed, there are still the tumbleweeds in the bank months, which reminds us to be careful and not get above ourselves!! I’m still amazed we are now middle-class… Check that.. I’ve jumped two classes, not through my own merits though… Shockingly, the anti-Disney girl has relied on her fellow in true pathetic princess style!!

So you gotta feed them, clothe them, educate them, entertain them and I do think a good spoil now and again is productive!! We don’t really do the expected occasions of Xmas and Easter, though Halloween is a must! So we treat throughout the year!! Not major Hamley blowouts, no… The poundstore is more than enough, plus Spawn gets pocket money.. Which he earns half of!!
He spends most of his money on……

This is on old pic though, his collection is significantly larger now and also includes…..

In fact, it’s actually mine… and maybe the Daddy’s…. though most definitely mine!! The zombie gamer in me required a sniper rifle!! 🙂
He’s also into gaming, like me… So my game allowance had to go up to cover us both… Obviously.. 😉

The midge on the otherhand is all about the girl… Seriously… Major girl!!!


So it’s Disney princess films, dolls, dress-up,



Lots and lots of dress up in this house….


Though you know…. Despite all the costs and emotional hair pulling and there is much…much…mucho much hair pulling…!! It’s so worth it! I look at them sometimes and you know that phrase

Makes your heart fair crack

Well, that’s it in a nutshell! They do, I get a little tear and feel my heart crack… I have so much love for them, a simple little organ can barely hold it…



Totally worth it… 🙂

11 thoughts on “In for a penny!!

  1. Gorgeous! And I love the idea of raising rebels, not robots. That’s catchy enough to be some sort of public service announcement slogan! 😀 I’m impressed by the zombie slaying AND princess collection– playtime at your house looks phenomenal! 😀

    1. It’s definitely fun, that’s for sure.. Though we tend to hide it from teachers and other local parents!! Can’t have us put on the watch list.. Not yet at least!! 🙂

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