Rolling stone..

Describe an item you were incredibly attached to as a child. What became of it?

I think I’ve had various special toys or possessions over the years.. One of the downsides of being the eldest of five girls was that fairly often my things would be shafted down to one of my siblings…. Many times without my knowledge or consent! I would come home from school to find another stuffed companion missing from it’s special spot on my bed… The usual response from my mother was “oft, you’re too big for that now, I gave it to your sister!! Now go put the kettle on… Or change your sister… Or feed her… ” or any of the other tasks I was expected to take over!! I was proficient in the kitchen from the age of 7.. I had to be..

To the matter in hand though….

I think my most prized one was my bugs bunny… My grandfather gave him to me for my 1st christmas before he moved to Australia.. It wasn’t any nostalgic attachment which made it special.. Never knew the guy, never meant anything to me… The bunny I loved though, I managed to keep that bunny till I was 9, then it went missing.. Don’t know which one swiped him, he could even have been shipped off to the children’s hospital, my dad was great for that…. Not for any charitable feeling, we may have been too ‘cheeky’ that particular week!! Loved that bunny though..

I don’t really get too attached to items due to that.. What’s the point, when they just get taken away, lost or broken!! I have little things which I have treasured over the years, more reminders of memories & special times than anything to do with comfort!!


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