Cyber Socialite

Do you feel like you “get” social media, or do you just use it because that’s where all your friends and family are?


Do I get it… Ha, the Mr thinks I live it!!

I’m not very verbal, so when a form of communication came around which didn’t require speech I was all over it!! It was the same with texting, when it came on the scene. I could finally contact my friends without consciously ignoring the phone or trekking down to theirs!!

I started with gaming forums & moved onto messenger, then yahoo chat, then MySpace, bebo, a wonderful forum called Skyline, where I spent a good few years & made some wonderful cyber friends before it shut down.. Then Facebook, I’ve been on it for a fair number of years.. I mainly loved the games at the beginning, then I got fed up with them & moved on to other ones, but stayed with Facebook!! I have lists for friends, game friends who were restricted from everything else, family who are limited, kids who couldn’t see anything for obvious reason!! I’m a foul mouthed, ranting maniac on there!! School friends who I wasn’t sure about, old clubbing friends who see nothing personal… In fact everything is private, except to those on my special Friends lists.. These lucky people have access to everything, with some exceptions!!
I do not add people I don’t know personally, unless there is a good reason.. I only have my phone number up & viewable to people on a special list… I have albums which are public, limited & only for family & close friends… Those are the kids ones obviously… I go through my friends list & cull the dead weight fairly often, keep on top of my privacy & remove things I don’t want seen when Facebook change settings as they are often prone to doing!!

I use it to be social, to keep in touch with friends & family I wouldn’t be able to otherwise.. It improves my social life by keeping me up-to-date with events!! I do not like how it hijacks my ICal though, I don’t care about most folks birthdays…….

I have a twitter account, but have used it only a couple times, once to set it up & another to try & raise funds for a marathon I did… I only got it to follow Stephen Fry & get a wee badge for a profile pic!! It will likely wither away into obscurity, like my bebo & MySpace!! Are they even still going??

I am online quite often, at least every morning , afternoon & night! Though I can go for a few days without touching the iPad! It’s helped me a lot since we moved out here away from all my friends.. Stopped me from feeling quite so isolated when I can get in touch with pretty much anyone with a few keyboard clicks…

I don’t post pics of my dinner or constant updates of the hell spawn… It’s a Social site, not a personal journal… I use it for what it made to do… Connect to others, share my rants, bitch about morons & occasionally like a well funny pic… 🙂


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