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On Repeat..

Tell us about a book you can read again and again without getting bored — what is it that speaks to you?

There are a couple books I can read again and again!! The oldest one is


I don’t really know why I love this one so much! I’m not remotely religious, in fact I go out of my way to avoid it at all costs!! Except religious art and architecture!! I love that, but mainly I love the style rather than the subject matter!!

So why have I read this book so much that it literally falling to pieces!! The cover is attached by a tiny thread, the pages are wrinkled and discoloured, stains of most likely coffee, but bugger if I know what the others are!! There are notes in the margins, from when I used it for my RPR in school! Tiny little red scrawls in my midget handwriting, which I can’t even make out anymore or remember what they were, but seemed so very important back then! Insights into how my mind worked back in the day!!

I think I like the idea that the devil wasn’t the bad guy! I don’t believe in the devil or god or any of the Christian mythology, let me point that out!! To me, religion is just that, mythology!! A way of explaining a life when no apparent answers are available!! Modern religion is no different to the ancient thinking of thunder being the gods fighting in the heavens! Now, before anyone takes offence, I don’t think I’m right either! It’s just my take on things. In the past I was what you would call a pagan… Not Wiccan, eck, noooo!! Too nampy pampby for me… Which is also why I never got into Buddhism… I’m a fighter, not a lover!! It was how I looked at things then, now it’s a little more complicated…. I’m a cross between pagan and egnostic….. … Egnogan!! Sounds like a winter drink gone postal!!


But, I digress.. Back to the matter in hand! Job, I think it’s a great story..I like how it makes me ponder, yes.. ponder the characters dilemmas… I love the characters themselves, Alec, Margrethe, the little imp who played the part of satans daughter! I really liked her…

To be honest, I haven’t read Job in at least 5 years. It’s still packed away with most of my books, since I have nowhere safe to put them here!! And now I’m older, I may not enjoy it as much as I did before! As a child and teen, the sexism and slightly racist narrative went over my head, I just enjoyed the story! I read it in my twenties and noticed it, but put it down to the time it was written! I’m not sure I could make those excuses now!! I still love the story and remember it fondly, but if I’m honest, perhaps it’s one which should stay a happy memory!!


Me, Myself & I…

If you could clone yourself, how would you split up your responsibilities?


Is this a multiple cloning or just the one? Also would it be a complete clone or just a facet of my personality!! So many variables to play with on this one…. Would all knowledge and experience be uploaded onto the main source; me!! Is there a shelf life? Do clones have an expiry date..?

Lets go with the idea that it’s multiple, short loan clones with the ability to upload what they’ve done as if you’d been doing it yourself!!

I would certainly have one clone do all the cleaning, another could get a job and earn me some money, while another would do all my socialising and one more for all the protesting & political pitchfork raising I’d love to do…. Of course another for doing some education, going to uni.. The only responsibility I wouldn’t delegate would be my kids, gaming and crochet!! I enjoy them way too much!! Though if all the other jobs were getting done, then I’d have copious amounts of time to devote just to them!! Now that would be the life!! Of course, some socialising I wouldn’t delegate!! Some people are worth the real me… Most the dodgy pirate copy… Hang on… That is the real me… Arrrrrrr!!!

I’m actually for cloning, I think it could solve a lot of problems.. It could most definitely cause a few too! Like GM crops and Gene slicing, these things hold amazing opportunities for humanity, but I can’t trust those holding the reigns just now!! Take the money and power out of the equation, make it for the good of the people, rather than a price tag…

Round and round…

What song is stuck in your head (or on permanent rotation in your CD or MP3 player) these days? Why does it speak to you?

All music speaks to me, it’s an extension of my expression! I show how I’m feeling through what I’m listening to!!
At the moment though, i have two songs which I choose to be swimming around in my head, as apposed to the Disney massacre my daughter is putting on me!!

Well, those are… ‘I’m not Jesus – Apocalyptica’… It’s personal and not something I wish to go into, but this song reminds me that somethings are unforgivable and that I’m not a weak little girl anymore! I’m fluffmum, super stomper!! 😉


The next song is ‘Sunshine Underground – Chemical Brothers’.. This one, just makes me feel happy, I hear it play and my toes start a tappin’…. It reminds me of my early party days, when a weekend was Wednesday to Thursday and a few extra days flung in!! High as a weather balloon being sucked into space and as grubby as hell, but they were damn good days and I wouldn’t have missed them for the world!!


There is another song which is actually stuck floating around in my mind, ‘Moonlight Sonata – Beethoven’… The reason this one is stuck in my head, is because it appears in the Spider-Man game, Web of Shadows… My Spawn has taking a instant fascination with it. It automatically starts with this playing, and goes straight into a new game..He won’t load his saved game until it’s finished playing… It’s not a bad piece of music to have to sit through, I love it myself!! He is hooked on it, will start humming it to himself, knows the name off by heart… Which can sometimes startle people, especially when asking him what he’d like to listen too!! Expecting some kinda kids tune or heaven forbid… Pop music!!! They get asked for Moonlight Sonata by a five year old, followed up by AC/DC… Boys got taste!! The outcome of his constant humming and playing is that it is well and truly glued to the A-track of my brain!!
This causes it to sometimes collide with the other forcibly attached tunes…. Like ‘When Will My Life Begin’, ‘A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes’, ‘I Wonder’…. Can you guess the torment I was put through to squeeze the words into a permanently remembered sheet stuck to the back of my eyelids!! I shudder at the recall, then more at the notion that it’s not yet over…. More Disney films to be made with more irritating and soul destroying music to be pumped out!!

But hey, if it makes her happy and she runs round with a sword now and again with her brother… I’m content!! Might invest in some earplugs though….

Hanging by the curlies….

Another Prompts for the Promptless…

Gallows Humor is humor that makes fun of a life-threatening, disastrous, or terrifying situation

I don’t know if I suffer from Gallows Humour or just extremely bad taste!! I do however have some tact and my lips have their own mini lock system, which takes over whenever my brain appears to be running on full tilt… There have been cases of system failure which have led to extreme strange looks and outraged whispers!!

I find humour in all things.. No matter how horrible, there will be something which may prompt a crooked smile! I think it may be a sort of defence… I can’t be scared if I’m laughing!! Perhaps… Or maybe I really am just fucked up!!


I chew my inside lip a lot from trying to stop myself blurting out something totally inappropriate!! For all the funny looks I get for saying one thing, I’ve saved myself a likely beating by keeping stum on all the rest my brain wants to shoot out!!


If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why? If that seems too easy, try this one: who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience?

I think the only person I would want to be for the day, would be myself 10 years ago!

The thinner, fitter, healthier fluffgirl..

I would then inflict some serious brain washing on the subject of exercise & healthy eating, so it would become second nature and I wouldn’t turn out as the frumpy dumpling I am now!!

Though that would include time travel into the already complicated mix of body transfer!!! So I don’t see it ever happening… Well, I’ll just have to get up off ma arse and put the work in… 🙂


Now, who would I want to be me for a day?? Well the obvious one is of course the Mr!! Who wouldn’t want their partner to go a day in their shoes…


It would be interesting to see how he managed.. Especially when he sometimes doesn’t remember to feed them at lunchtime if he’s watching them!!

That would be it though… I don’t want anyone else knowing what I do or deal with, because in order to truly be me for a day, you’d have to take all the baggage & emotional (or lack of) hoopla which comes with it!! I wouldn’t wish that on anyone, nor would I want anyone knowing me that intimately…. So though I may sometimes wish that someone could understand where I’m coming from or what I actually do. It’s not something I’d enjoy going through with….

Musical answers from the egoverse!!

Ma wee ray of sunshine Miss LT blogged a game about using your music playlist to answer some questions!! I’ve got a few mins, so I’m gonna give it a go…

The original post is here at In Harmony.
The rules are…..

Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, etc. on shuffle. For each question, press the next button to get your answer. You must write that song title down no matter how silly it sounds!

I’m using my Spotify ‘soundtrack’ playlist to answer from, as it has the widest variety of tunage….

The questions…..


Fluffgirl – A Band called Quinn


I Put a Spell on You – Creedence Clearwater


Pump – Errors


Big Bad Bill is Sweet William Now – Van Halen


Take It Like A Woman -Alice Cooper


Burn – The Cure


Hazard – Richard Marx


Principles of Lust – Enigma


Crawling – Linkin Park


I’m a Fluffy Little Cloud – Songs for Children


Sympathy For The Devil – Guns N’ Roses


It’s The End of The World As We Know It – R.E.M


Out of Control – Chemical Brothers


Drowning – Crazy Town


Dark Side – Kelly Clarkson


Cruelty – Kosheen


The Sunshine Underground – The Chemical Brothers

What’cha thinking?

Pause whatever you’re doing, and ask the person nearest you what they’re thinking about (call someone if you have to). Write a post based on it.

Okay, I’m currently munching down on some nice apple slice.. I’ll stop for a wee minute though to do this.. The nearest people to me are the midge and spawn, who are in the process of devouring some ice cream….


not thinking anything….

Me: you must be thinking something

nope, nothing!!

Me: what’s up with you? ( as he looked a bit grumpy now)

oh, just thinking…..

Me: what about?

…..about if someone hit me and I hit her back! Would I get into trouble?


not thinking… no no pictures….. I’ve got nothing in my head…

That’s all I got out them before they ran off to play again!!

See, I don’t believe Midge for a second… She only said that as it’s what Darwyn said and also because she was making her ice cream into a fairy river, so she was definitely doing something in her head!!

Spawns is typical, as a 5 year old boy, he’s always thinking of some form of physical contact… Though recently, since New York and his eyeful of the naked cowgirl in Times Square… His physical realms have evolved a bit!!


Don’t think….

How are you more likely to make an important decision — by reasoning through it, or by going with your gut?

I’m a sudden decision kinda woman… Especially the big ones!! I always go by what I feel, rather than the logical process of reasoning!!

When the Mr & I started talking about having kids, I decided there and then to go get my implant out & start trying!! We did do some reasoning, as in the ‘can we afford to’ & ‘ready yet’ themes… But ultimately, what started out as a

When do you think we should start a family

conversation ended in me making an appointment with the clinic the next day!!

Same with when I went back to college.. Out my face at a party, I got talking to a guy who worked with computers. I’ve always been into them, but he got me hooked!! I applied to do an NQ in Computing & Programming once I straightened up to fill the form out properly… Got on it & went on to do my HNC.. I would’ve done the HND, but my usual fluffmind took over and I decided I wanted to try something else!!

Mr thought I was mental, but he’s got use to it now… All my decisions and choices are last minute, random, fly by the seat of my pants…. If I try to sit and plan things out or look into things to much I can talk myself out of it..

So the truth is, if I want to do anything… I fly in on a hopefully lucky bullet!!

Deal Breakers!!

The Litmus Test is a test in which a single factor (as an attitude, event, or fact) is decisive. In other words, it’s a single question test, not necessarily related to the information that is gleaned from the test.


One of the problems of a Litmus test, is that it can lead to an opportunity being missed… Such as a friendship, due to someone having a deal breaker condition…
I do have a few of my own, but I don’t hang anything on them!! Apart from the bigot test….


I can’t stand bigotry, be it based on race, gender, sexuality, religion or class… I will usually dismiss someone if they show signs of bigotry.. It’s not something I can abide or accept , in any form! Ignorance or lack of education are not an excuse in my view!!
I may disagree with some religions, I will never judge or disrespect them though, apart from the Westboro Baptists… They are just plain deluded, dangerous fools in need of a serious slap! I’m all for free speech, but base your opinions on fact, rather than outdated, caveman myths…
It’s something which is always guaranteed to get my hackles up…
My online persona is much more argumentative than in reality, I don’t do well with confrontation, my vocal skills let me down and I’m usually left stuttering and bumbling…. Yet, as soon as I hear someone disparaging some minority, I’m as fiery as a fishwife… It just really makes my skin crawl. Recently I had a go at someone over the traveller community and the last few weeks I’ve been arguing for the benefit recipients in this country, disproving some of the many outrageous falsehoods spread about them..

So yes, bigotry, intolerance & hate is one of my big Litmus tests….

Do they express bigoted, intolerant, hateful views and opinions?

RESPONSE = Speak up and then have nothing to do with!!


I do have smaller, less serious ones… From the age of 19, I would only go with a guy or gurl if they were musically or artistically talented… There were a couple of exceptions, sometimes a girl is just horny and needs must!!

Are they creative?

RESPONSE = Push the ladies up on show and reel them in!!


If someone intrudes into my personal space or improperly touches me more than three times on a first meeting, it puts them on my list of wariness!! By improper, I mainly mean overly tactile.. Not boob grabbing, I don’t like to be touched by strangers or people I’m not close too, so even someone draping their arm round my shoulder when I don’t know them well, makes me uncomfortable.. So that is one of my Litmus tests,

Do they overly touch?

RESPONSE = Try to avoid close proximity at all times and invoke the third person/furniture rule!


For those who are curious…..

The third person/furniture rule is this…… Keep another person or item of furniture between yourself and person avoiding at all times!! They can’t touch, if cant reach!!

Cracked Reflections..

Imperfections — in things, in people, in places — add character to life. Tell us about an imperfection that you cherish.


There is no such thing as perfect, it is an impossible ideal! A fairy tale of attainment!! People strive for the perfect life, groom themselves to look perfect, create the perfect home, mould the perfect children!! Bullshit in my opinion…

To work towards perfection is in itself imperfect….. In fact for me, imperfect is perfection!

My messy house means another day of managing my OCD, another day of successfully working towards healing my mind!
My sticky, scruffy children who talk back and ask countless annoying questions! They are sticky from having fun, scruffy from being left to explore their surroundings rather than made to sit quietly out the way! They talk back from the desire to speak up for themselves, to speak their mind and defend themselves or others! What could be more perfect than those constant questions and repeating “why’s”? It’s a sign of intelligence, a desire to learn, to discover!! They should all be encouraged, even the “why do boys have wangles?” in the middle of restaurants… Or “where are that mans legs?” which I always reply, why don’t you ask them.. Curiosity is natural, it shouldn’t be shushed…. Ever!!
As for looking perfect, lets face it… It’s an unattainable feat for me… I am scruffy, I try to look smart and it just doesn’t work!! There is nothing perfect about my appearance, I’m overweight, short, no style at all, wonky teeth ruined from a well spent twenties full of booze and drugs!! Yet, I have a man who loves me, scruff and all!!
I make it sound like I’m an extra from Shameless there, I’m really not that bad… More frumpy than schemie!!
As for wanting a perfect life, I believe I have it, a man who loves me.. Bright, healthy children.. A roof over my head… Good friends I can count on.. A family who will help me… What could be better than that??

Though that doesn’t really answer the question at hand!! An imperfection I cherish!!

Life, I cherish life… With all the ugliness and danger, evil and nastiness it contains… Because in amongst these imperfections of character…. true kindness, love, beauty and fluffiness shines through!!!