If you were to judge your favorite book by its cover, would you still read it?

Hmmm, I have a few favourite books….. Ones I’ve read so often they don’t have their covers anymore!

The one I immediately think of is Job, A Comedy of Justice by Robert A.Heinlein… I first read it when I was about 11, found it in my dads room & swiped it thinking it was a dirty book…. I was extremely curious back then & even though there were no naked women on the cover, I figured the goods might be hidden inside…


If I was to look at the cover now, I would probably skip by it!! I tend to avoid anything which appears remotely religious… Back then though, I wasn’t particularly bothered by it, I had no idea who the author was either, so it was a completely ignorant discovery!! An amazing one at that too…. It stuck with me, I did my RPR on it in Higher English… Read it so many times I’m surprised it’s still in one piece!! I think it may need retired soon though, I noticed at my last reading a few years ago, that the spine had kappooted & pages were coming loose….

Another favourite is The Stand, by Stephen King…. It hardly needs an introduction does it?


I think I would have read this even if it had pink bunnies on the cover!! An apocalyptic nightmare by Stephen King… Sign me up!!

Is funny though, I do usually judge a book by it’s cover, in the literary sense…. When in a book store or library, I will head straight to the sci-fi, fantasy, horror section & run my hands over the books, not touching, just hovering… Going down the shelf, until I see a title which catches my eye or an author I remember (which is unusual for me) or even just a little tingle in my fingers… A story reaching out to grab me!! My routine is always the same… Well what else would it be, us OCD’ers are nothing if not consistent…. 🙂 First I run my index finger down the spine, let the title sink in a little… Does it speak to me? Then I put two fingers (index & middle)on the top & slowly pull it out, top first until it’s halfway… Then I slide the whole lot out, I always read the back first, the cover left till last… If I’m intrigued by the story, I might open 7 pages in & read halfway down… I don’t know why, that just seems to be a good spot for me!! Then, I turn the book to the front….. I see the cover, the layout, colours, the image!!! It’s not a specific thing I’m looking for, I’ve picked a whole horde of conflicting designs over the years… It just has to have that something which makes a little bulb go off in my head….

It’s not always the deciding factor, sometime a cover is dreadful, yet the plot or a character has caught me… I have a need for books.. An addiction for a tale…. If it’s part of a series, I must have them all, I need to finish them!!


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