Crafty Gamer..

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

I’m not by nature a competitive person… Though, I can now & again be driven by a desire to outdo certain people!!

When it was world book day & all the kids were to dress up like their favourite character, the spawn picked Barry the Fish with Fingers… Not the kind of thing you’d find in the local shop.. But I’d just got a sewing machine, so figured hell yeah, I’ll make you one!! First time it’d been used since Xmas when I got it… I was driven by a need to outdo all the store bought costumes.. All the superheroes & princesses… I worked constantly on it for two whole days… Needless to say, it was the two days before he was to wear it, so haste was of the essence!! The lines are a bit wonky & the thread don’t match the fabric… But I’m fecking proud of it!! The head mistress told him, it was the best one in the whole school!! I don’t know about that as one of the kids was Mr Twit with proper crocheted beard & was awesome…

I don’t take compliments well though, I sometimes feel like they are nothing more than polite phrases thrown at you & as such aren’t really meant… I know there are people who actually mean them, but I still can’t quite understand that they would praise me in such a way! When I get compliments on my crochet or baking, I tend to point out the faults with it…. Except with my Barry costume & the duvet for midges bed, as I was actually really chuffed with how well I’d done… So when people said they was great, I was like… Yeah, I know!! Which kinda made me sound big headed, but it was actual genuine pride…

When staying at my mums, I would go onto my sisters wii, to top all her scores on the wii fit games… I suppose that was quite competitive, or just plain annoying in her opinion!! I’m the same with some of the games on the iPad or phone, that the Mr & I would both play!! I’d be driven to beat his score… So I think I am quite competitive, but seriously lacking in drive to do anything about it, though I do have on some level a need for admiration…
I’m quite happy to let other people win or surpass me, in order to keep the peace!!

But my Barry was fecking amazing!!



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