Fishy felines…

Do you have animals in your life? If yes, what do they mean to you? If no, why have you opted not to?

I have always had animals in my life, couldn’t imagine not having some form of furry, fluffy beast beside me! My parents use to breed Rough Collies when I was a baby, I would get put in the basket with all the pups & woe behold anyone who tried to sneak up on my pram!

You can’t really tell with the hideous 70’s carpet, but there is a mass of pups at the bottom of the picture!

Yup, that’s baby me, weren’t I tiny!! The dog was called Lady and she was all mine… Registered in my name the day after I was born!! 🙂

I’ve had many pets since then, dogs & cats… Many of them feral little buggers, I love those ones!!
For the last 9 years we’ve had Wee Dude… A grumpy auld bastard of a cat!! I don’t actually have a picture of him, was sure there was some on Fudbook, but can’t find them!!

This is Neko-hime, which is basically Japanese for Cat princess…

She’s the fluffiest little princess ever! She’s so dainty & when she moves, it’s like she’s floating.. But don’t be fooled by her ickleness!! She’s the deadliest hunter I’ve ever had living with me!! She’s either half Maine or Norwegian Forest… I can never quite remember…. I swear the other half is Chuck Norris!!

They’ve both been in the bad books recently… Last 3 years, as they have been very naughty & taken to using anything & everything in the house as their own private toilet!! But Neko has come out of it & is now allowed back in with us & all the comfy comforts that’s entails!!


Wee Dude is still being a shite & is not allowed past the kitchen..

Two & a half years ago we included fish to our animal kingdom… After various learning cure disastrous & an accidental poisoning, we currently have three fish.. Two common Plecs & an unknown… Daddy went to fish shop on his own!!!
The only original survivor from the beginning is Namazu.. Which is Japanese for Catfish… He use to be this small.

Then he got bigger… Much bigger…


Then we got Namzu, which doesn’t mean anything as far as i


We’re getting a bigger tank for them, as Namazu has been getting more aggressive & territorial… But I actually do love them, which I never thought possible about fish!!

I couldn’t imagine my life without an animal in it.. Who else would I talk to…?


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