Been working on an project for a while now, only reason its taken so long is due to the usual distractions of family life! It’s an afghan for my mother-in-laws birthday!! I really need to get a move on though cause it’s on the 26th!!

It’s this pattern, Homespun crochet squares afghan

which I found on Ravelry



It’s my first large project… I like how it’s done in strips as I think I would be overwhelmed with doing it all in one go & granny squares make me nervous!! I know they are what you should start with, but my first crochet was this fellow..


I dive right in at the deep end!!

I think I will finish the afghan after the last 3 squares.. It’s big enough for a lap blanket & she’s a wee woman! My only problem now is figuring out how to attach them together!! Happy joy joy!!

Edit: that awkward moment when you go back to something & can’t remember how to do the stitch!! Not only that, you mind goes a total blank on how to do any bloody stitch!! Is it too early for some rum…?


2 thoughts on “Nanafghan

  1. Single crocheting squares together is the way to go! My blanket had tiny squares, it was a royal pain in the bum as I used black wool and couldn’t see my stitches! I freestyled some together, sewed some, and crocheted some. Small chuncks are definitely good, I haven’t touched the blanket for two months cause I’m on the edges, and they take tooooo long!

  2. I never thought of colour… Hmm…. I might pick a totally random colour to join!! Something multicoloured…lol
    I’d seen people using single crochet to join, and sewing… I can’t be bothered sewing it all!! Still need to remind myself how to half double crochet!! I only did a bit of it last week… This is the problem with mutil-projecting… Should really stick to one thing at a time… 🙂

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