Contains Bad Words….

I swear… I swear probably more than the average person.. Not as bad as some though and I am Scottish, so it’s pretty much part of the dialect!! I do not swear round children, though I may forget when with mine, but they know not to…. It’s grown up talk you gotta earn the right to!!

I like swearing, in fact I fandubly fucking love it! Swearing, in my uncouth opinion is language evolution in process! It’s beautiful… I’m amazed by how a simple word can have such differing effects on people! How the same words can be used in so many different situations to express or provoke emotion!!
I don’t swear for the sake of it, it doesn’t riddle my every sentence, in fact I can actually express myself rather adequately without it… But sometimes you just need to call someone a cunt… Could be a stranger, a friend, the lady down the road who keeps letting her dog shit on your gateway!! It’s my favourite word, I find it rolls smoothly off the tongue with such a decisive end to it.. That “T” makes it, you must pronounce it clearly to get the full effect… I love that “T”…. The effect of this word is wonderful.. Lets be honest, most women hate it… It’s quite commonly used here in BruLand, though not one of the acceptable curse words… It can be used against a friend in a mild, jesting manner or a perfect description of someone who has really pissed you off.. You know if that word is paired with fucking in clipped tones, they mean the business… Man, I love it…

Fuck, another favoured word of mine.. Fucker, Fuckwad, Fuckface, Fucking Fucker of Fucks!! Simple, to the point… Can be toned down to feck when around minors or those with delicate sensibilities….

One of my ultimate favourites though, is a local word… It only really sounds right with the accent… Bawbag… ‘Oi you, ya fuckin bawbag’ heard frequently throughout Scotland at any time of day!! Is quite a mild word, but I love it… I usually say it to friends when they’re upset, to show I care!!

There are so many others, words which were quite risqué 50-60 years ago, now ordinary.. I can understand the power of words over others, but I don’t see it myself… And for those who say, well you’ve never been subjected to it.. Well yes, actually I have… I have been treated like shit, stomped on & come up smelling like roses!! They are words, descriptive, empty words… It is the person who uses them which gives them the meaning, the emotional intent!! If you let the words offend you, hurt you, then you are feeding this power… I will not.. I have taken back control of the words once used to humiliate & hurt me… And I fucking love the little bastards!


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