You’ve been asked to do a five-minute presentation to a group of young schoolchildren on the topic of your choice. Describe your presentation.

First of all, we need to determine the age group of these midgets!! I’m gonna go with 5-6 as I got one of them!!

Next we need a topic.. What would I want to share with a bunch of fidgety, bored, kids who’d rather be telling fart jokes & running around outside screaming like the world is ending!!

Why of course, I’ll talk about the world & their place in it! That will grab their attention like a bag of chocolate stars!!

So, I walk in…A class of midgets stare back at me, possibly wondering how I’m going to lecture at them.. The nice fireman before has successfully terrified them into never touching matches ever… Or at least till they have their first fag behind the bike shed!! (Do they still have bike sheds?).

I stare at them, considering the best way to start… Should I go all authoritarian on their asses, ‘sit straight, no talking, I am your elder so you must do as I say!!’. Or perhaps, I should be more hippy & get down on their level, commune with the inner child in me, let them see I’m one of them!! Nah, one leads to fear, the other mocking!! Kids ain’t stupid, must remember to show no fear, the little bastards can smell it!!

Okay, I got this…. Start with something cool… “I bet many of you have asked your parents at some point, why is the sky blue? Did you get the answer or a because? My son asked me & I admitted I didn’t know… So we looked it up! You know your blue eyes are that colour in the same way that the sky is blue. Is all too do with light & reflection & blah blah blah…

Loosing them with the science mumbo jumbo… Retreat..retreat!!

Anyway, the sky.. Your eye.. A big pizza pie!!! I’m hungry, who’s hungry? The point is, it’s all connected, everything in some way impacts or influences something else! How you live your life, will affect someone else! You’ll have heard if your nice to others, they’ll be nice to you!! If only this was true, but it’s important to try and make it so…. It’s also important to smack down those who only want to hurt, the bullies.. The tyrants, those who think themselves better than others! Yes, some people are better than others, better at sports, thinking, cooking, speaking, etc… but, no one person is better than another. No individuals life is worth more than another’s… Of course I’ll save my kids first, but I’ll defo come straight back for you!!

They’ll tell you to respect your elders… No!!!! Respect your parents.. Respect those who care for you, who love you… They have earned it! Anyone else must also work to earn it!! It is not something to be demanded from those too small to say otherwise!!

When you know you are right, say so!! Your parents should be encouraging you to speak your mind, to argue back… Not for the sake of it, but when you truly believe in what you are saying… If you think they are being too strict, tell them, if they have hurt your feelings, let them know! Most of the time we are winging it, you didn’t come with a handbook!! We learn from you, as much as we teach you… If they give you the reply of ‘just because’ ask them to find out with you… They may be too embarrassed to admit they don’t know the answer… It’s a scary moment for parents to realise that their children no longer see them as Heros with all the answers!

Question everything, the greatest thing you can realise is that nobody knows all the answers & that everything changes!! What was thought of as fact in my childhood, is obsolete now in yours!!

Don’t let anyone use your youth against you!! You may be young, but it is the youth who change the world! Your youthfulness gives you a way of looking at the world, which is lost as we age!! Hold onto it as long as you can… Hold onto your dreams, don’t let anyone tell you they are stupid or pointless..

Nothing is impossible, only improbable…. The only real barrier in your life, is you! There will be obstacles, problems, changes & need to adapt!! These only influence, they do not dictate the course your life will take… You are the one in the driving seat, you are the one who makes the decisions… Even when it feels like you have no control, there will be a way!!

And always… This is the most important thing… Always wear sunscreen!

Now I look at their confused little faces & smile!! Time to go….

13 thoughts on “Sunscreen

  1. “Everybody’s free to wear sunscreen” is one of my favorite songs…it’s kept me focused, helped me realize and remember truths about the world, at different stages of my life.

      1. Aww, it sounds really nice! I’m well chuffed you liked it enough to think of me!
        So what happens next? Do I buy a fancy dress ? 😉 x

      2. I just read your post link… Aww, you wee sweetheart!! Your right though, I’m totally uninspiring!! 🙂 you’re getting a massive hug on Saturday!! And that 20 squid I keep forgetting to send over!! Xx

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