If you could have any author –living or dead – write your biography, who would you choose?

 If I had my biography written, it would have to be one of those anonymous ones…   The kind you find in Asda on special offer!!  It’s written in the style of a biography, but your not quite sure if it’s a load of bullshit!!  Most of my 20’s would read like a script for Skins or Shameless, depending on which chapter you were on!!  Awesome times though….  

Not sure who I would chose…  My first instinct was to say James Herbert or Stephen king.. But that was just because they are two of my fav authors!  After actually considering it now… I think I would like Stephen Fry to write it!!  Or at least do the audio book voiceover!!  Though perhaps Terry Pratchett would be perfect, he writes kinda like I think!!


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