Mothers Day!

Took Rowan to her first crafty fair today & she loved it!!  I think she may have a thing for buttons & beads!!  I didn’t get a massive haul, but I did spend £50 on some beautiful yarn, basically as it was part of midges name!!  She picked some fabric squares & buttons… As a special treat she got some jumping clay, a special princess pack!! 



It was a perfect Mother’s Day, spent with my beautiful daughter among things which I love!  Colourful fabrics, yarn, buttons & beads!  i learnt that the midge loves what I do, though in a much pinker & sparkly way than I ever could!  She was interested by everything & looked so at home surrounded by all the crafty goodness!!   My son would’ve been bored outta his mind, but  that’s cool as we have our love of extreme gaming to bond over….  


We went to Kelvingrove Art Gallery after & she went straight to the paintings upstairs…  She prefers the French ones, I’m more into the darker medieval & religious works!  When I asked if she wanted to see my favourites in there, she jumped at the chance, so eager to discover more about me…  It’s something I’ve never had with the Spawn, he was always interested in what I could teach him & the facts I knew or could discover…. But he never really showed any interest in me, outside of my role as mother!  Don’t get me wrong, he likes to hear stories about the past and what get use to get up to… But unless I’m looking into games or comics, he doesn’t want to know!!  The midge just want to know everything, from my fav colour to what makes me happy!  I love it…


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