Random crochet

Was just sitting here chilling, when I remembered I’m taking the midge to see Madagascar the morrow!! Eek to that, am a total glutton for punishment… But double eek when thinking of the overpriced drinks & food supplies at the SECC…. So instead of eeking, I moved onto planning a supply bag… The only big sports bottle I got is black & the older spawns!

One large sports bottle
One large sports bottle

So had to think of a way to get it past him, while also appealing to the midges overpowering pinkness!!
So I have this wee bag of wool lying separate from the motherload, can’t mind why, so thought why not crochet a holder of some kind!!

One random bag of yarn..
One random bag of yarn..

I reckon I can do it.. maybe.. perhaps… Who knows… I’ll give it a go! πŸ™‚

I got a few rows in… 9 to be exact, when I realised I was doing the wrong stitch!! Aye, I had a numpty moment!! Thought the pattern was American and it weren’t… Rather than pull it all out & restart, I thought fuck it!! Improvisation is the name of the game… I’ll whack in some extra rows & just keep going till it does the job!!


All done…. Took me about 3 & half hours to do the whole thing!! Some shaky stitching due to the late hour & the earlier fuck up!! But on the whole, am chuffed with it & reckon the midge will be happy too…

I got the pattern here…
Easy Water Bottle Holder

Time to sleep now!!!



Think she likes it…



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