Monthly Archives: December 2012

Festive Hooker…

Since it’s the festive season and all, I feel I should give a little back!! I’ve done homeless man on the street, buskers & got a whole load of stuff to give to the Salvation Army! I feel that I should also include the loonballs teacher at school… It does go against my usual mode of thinking, but she’s pretty cool & he likes her, plus she can get him to sit & listen… That’s not easy, I can tell ya!!

So, that left me with the dilemma, what should we give? I ain’t a flowers or chocolate or wine kinda gifter… We gave his nursery teacher a painting when he left, she cried, but then he was her favourite!!

I’ve been picking up on the crochet, getting pretty good if I say so myself!! So I thought, why not.. I’ll make her something!! So after trawling through the usual sites to find something quick & easy to knock up in a couple days, cause I left it kinda late…. I found this little snowman pattern!! It’s really cute & I think she’ll love it!

Fingers crossed I finish it in time!!

She likes sparkly things, so some sparkly white for the body, a sparkly red hat and I quite fancy using the silver thread & purple yarn in there somewhere too!!