The Joys of Easter…

Bitten off more than she can chew!

Once again Zombie Appreciation Day has been & gone..  Of course I refer to Easter…  The day the ultimate reanimated corpse came back to promote eating of the flesh & drinking of the blood!!   ๐Ÿ™‚

I actually quite enjoy Easter, as long as the religion is kept out of it.. Though that goes with most things for me… I have nothing against Faith or Belief, I truly respect your choice to believe what you will & the faith which powers many people through their lives!  I can’t stand religious dogma though, indoctrination of the masses & manipulative control which is rampant throughout it!  

It is not faith which is intolerant or bigoted, all Faith is in essence the same, some a little more, others a little less, but all come from the same place, all faith gives a purpose & little ray of hope to those who need it!  Faith is deep in our souls, ego, persona, whatever you call that little kernel of you deep inside… you may have no faith in religion or gods, no faith in spirits, magic or fantasy…. but if you have just a little Faith in yourself or in others, is that not stronger than any belief…  If you have faith in yourself, you will walk tall & stand by your convictions no matter the odds!!!  I have faith, what it’s in is no ones business!!  It’s personal to me, it’s not a god or gods or a giant monkey in the sky… It feels right to me & it comforts me when I am down.. ……  

Quit the nonsense woman!!!

Anyway, what was I on here for?  Ohhh yeah, Easter!!  The holidays are nearly over, Darwyn will soon be back at nursery, while Rowan & I transform back into Ladies of Leisure… 

Been quite busy keeping them occupied, while loaded with the flu I might add!!  Super Nanny ain’t got nothing on Super Mama!! ๐Ÿ™‚

I am queen of the Dragon Knights, hear me roar… 

That’s enough meandering for now, Chillax space raiders.. 


One thought on “The Joys of Easter…

  1. I totally agree about faith and religion. I belive that in someones darkest hour if their belief helps them out and gives them comfort then it has been successful. I dont understand a lot of religious practices or 'rules' and dont often comment on it too much as I think my comments are often ignorant and therefore inaccurate and biased…I have lots of faith, and I believe in the 'greater good'… but thats as much as I can actually explain! Not through lack of trying to work it out though. You've hit the nail on the head, all religions have a common ground and that is basically suggetsing a set of morals … Nice blog :)Get yer crochet stuff up ๐Ÿ˜‰

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