Zombies Fun

Took part in the zombie madness which is 2.8 Hours Later on Fri 30th March!! It was awesome!!  I’ve never ran so much in my life, didn’t even know I could run like that.. Amazing what fear can motivate you towards!! 

Team PJ

The actors were great, but you still knew it was an act.. The zombies though, were fan-fecking-tastic!!  You saw one & instinct kicked in, years of zombie movies instilled in me a deep rooted impulse to run like buggery… 

I lasted quite well, got caught in the park… Was plain daftness, I can’t turn very well when I run, so I flung an arm out to balance myself  & whacked the hand of the zombie chasing me… So in reality, I caught her!! Doesn’t matter though, since it counted as a hit, so bum!!!

The turned!

We made it to the final point though, in good time & were allowed access to the disco!!  After being made up as an infected human of course!!  It was brilliant, even with the rather poppy tunage, it did get better!!  


I had a great time & headed back to my hotel with a big zombie smile on my face!!  my hotel, now that was uber amazing!!  Citizen M in Glasgow, wow…. For being so simple & functional, it’s bloody brilliant!!!!  Shower was wonderful, bed was wonderful, everything was wonderful!!!  Best nights sleep I’ve had in a long time!!  Is definitely my hotel of choice now!!!!

They even lend you a cuddly for the night!!  How cool is that??

Mr Cuddles


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